Aromatherapy is the science of the use of Essential Oils to bring about well being. It may involve massage or instruction or self-treatment. Aromatherapy....more

Colour Healing

A Colour Healer will use colour in the form of light, diet, art work, silk fabrics, meditations and colour in your environment to help....more

Crystal Healing

Healing takes place on all levels of the body - mental, emotional and physical - via the Aura, sometimes called the Bio-energetic field....more



Homeopathy uses very dilute substances to stimulate the body’s healing power. Its basic principle is treat ‘like with like’. The most common are....more


Reflexology is a natural therapy, based on the principle that areas on your feet and hands are connected by "reflexes" to each of the organs....more



Reiki is a system of healing which originates in ancient Tibet. It was brought to the modern world in the late nineteenth century....more

Head Massage

Head Massage is a touch therapy, which works to release tension and stress and so restore a feeling of well being and relaxation.

The upper back, neck and face also receive attention in this treatment which can be done whilst sitting in an ordinary chair, even at your desk at work if you wish! Regular massage will help you to sleep better, have more energy, suffer fewer headaches, think more clearly and in general feel good all over.


EFT™ (Emotional Freedom Technique) and TAT™ (Tapas Acupressure Technique) are among the recently emerging Therapies, which seek to balance the function of the Meridians on the Psychological level. They have been shown to have some amazing and most dramatic effects, sometimes addressing fears and phobias within a single 45 minute session.






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