Reiki is a system of healing which originates in ancient Tibet. It was brought to the modern world in the late nineteenth century by a Japanese priest. Translated, Reiki means, "free passage of universal energy".

In treatment with Reiki, the therapist seeks to bring about a transfer of energy from its universal source, to the recipient. This is done by laying her hands on the body of the recipient in different positions and allowing the energy to flow through. Some persons experience a feeling of warmth or vibration during this process, whilst some have a sense of deep peace and relaxation.

Reiki can help to:

Relax you when you are stressed
Energise you when you feel drained
Calm you when you feel frightened
Focus your mind to help you solve problems
Relieve pain
Accelerate the natural healing process
Release emotional wounds
Improve general health
Gradually help chronic problems.

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