Colour Healing

A Colour Healer will use colour in the form of light, diet, art work, silk fabrics, meditations and colour in your environment to help you to balance the mind, spirit and body, including the emotions, by matching colours that will be supportive to you.

Chromo Therapy

Light therapy using large light boxes to flood an area of a room with strong coloured light. The Client will be asked to lay on a couch, dressed in a white gown or clothing and music is usually used in the background, whilst being immersed in the coloured light.

Colour Acupressure/Reflexology

This method uses a coloured light which is more focused by using a torch with a crystal point and working on the reflex areas or the acupuncture points.

Colour Related Diet

Clients are advised on their diet, for example an insomniac may be advised to eat more green foods in the evening. Lettuce has long been known as soporific or sleep inducing.

Art and Music Therapy

Used to help determine which colours are going to be useful or even detrimental to the client.

Silk Scarf Treatment/Crystal Therapy

Scarves are applied to the body in order to use the colour energy to balance the energies of the client in much the same way as crystals may be used. They are placed over the chakras and more than one scarf or crystal may used at the same time.

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