Tarot Card Readings

Please let me know which type of reading you require along with up to three questions on which you would like an insight.

I will prepare your reading for you in the same way as I would if you were sitting in front of me, taking as much time as is needed to give you as much insight as the cards and my guides allow. You will receive guidance on the issues that you ask about, and maybe even on some others! Please be as specific with your questions as you can – a generalised question will give you a generalised reading.

You will receive your reading via email, or post if you prefer within 2-5 days of receipt of your payment.


Reading One

The Celtic Cross

A 10 Card Reading

This is an in-depth reading considering past influences, your current situation and likely future outcomes. This is ideal for the more complex situations especially where they involve other people.

£ 20.00


Reading Two

The Zodiac Spread

A 12 Card Reading with an added Angel Card

This reading is best suited to you if you would like to look at where your life is leading you, and what you can do to move forward in a positive way.

£ 25.00

Reading Three

The Three Card Spread

This reading will give you a shortened introductory reading, with a good overview of Past, Present and Future influences.

£ 10.00



The only details I need from you to complete your reading are your name and e-mail address and any Questions you wish to ask up to a maximum of three for Readings One and Two, and One Question for Reading Three.

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