Aromatherapy is the science of the use of Essential Oils to bring about well being. It may involve massage or instruction or self-treatment. Aromatherapy aims to re-balance or to maintain the balance of a persons' whole self.

Every oil has its own therapeutic qualities, which are utilised by the Aromatherapist to encourage the harmony of the whole self and so to better mental and physical health. One area in which an Aromatherapy treatment can have a truly profound effect is in dealing with the effects of stress, from the workplace or home environment. Your treatment will be tailored to your needs.

Oils for Relaxation:

Basil – relaxing, but can be stimulating if used too much.

Cedarwood – relaxes airways – may be useful for asthmatics.

Chamomile – promotes a good nights sleep.

Frankincense – wonderful for dispelling nightmares.

Jasmine – relaxes the mind, but is a uterine tonic – great for childbirth.

Lavender – soothing and calming for the whole family.

Marjoram – add to your bath, relaxes tired muscles.

Myrrh – soothes frazzled nerves.

Patchouli – be careful with this one – it may well be an aphrodisiac too!

Petitgrain – a good alternative to Lavender.

Rose – has a close affinity to female energies.

Sandalwood – even the man like this one.

Vetiver – relaxes the body, but stimulates the mind.

Ylang Ylang – another aphrodisiac?

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